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Frédéric Dimanche (Ryerson University)


Wineries as tourist attractions: Using the arts to create a sense of place


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March 25th 2021, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm (CET)


Olivier Gergaud

Wine and tourism have long been intersecting in the research literature, from Getz (2000) and Carlsen (2007) who wrote early books on the subject. However, few have discussed how the arts and arts consumption can contribute to the wine business. The collaboration between the luxury sector and art is not a recent phenomenon (Chailan, 2018). Luxury enjoys being associated with art because they both aim to be perceived as timeless and imperial (Jelinek, 2018). Art has become a key aspect of luxury, and although the wine business is not always in luxury realms, it would certainly benefit from understanding how the arts and luxury feed each other. 
Both share similar values of distinction and beauty, and both generate emotions. This presentation will discuss how the arts relate to luxury, address similar consumer needs, and create unique emotional experiences (Koronaki et al., 2018). From the hospitality and tourism sector, we learn how businesses and destinations utilize art to create value, both for the customers and for the organizations. Historically, luxury hospitality companies have used art pieces to create various unique consumer experiences as it has the power to create a sense of elitism (Ochkovskaya, 2018). Art has the power to create a sense of place for visitors and wineries can establish branding attributes to complement their wine proposition. We will discuss how the arts contribute to branding, customer experience design, and how they can become an ideal partner for wine destinations and wineries that aim at developing a competitive advantage. 

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Keywords : Wine tourism, Arts consumption

Discussant : Jonas Holmqvist – KEDGE Business School 

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